Our approach to the problems faced by our customers, be it a Greenfield or a Brownfield of an Expansion project is sartorial. In the area of our expertise we assist our clients from the time they conceptualize an idea, to preparation of feasibility and bankable report to Project management and handing over a perfect running project.

Our Services

Our service to our customer springs up from our customer focused approach. This is paramount to us.

EWE Tec Consultants:

Founded in the year 2008 with a combined experience of over 150 years in the field of Energy, Water, Environment, Chemical & Infrastructure, The company has serviced more than 100 clients. Ambit of services have been Energy & Power, Water Management, Chemicals, Ethanol & Alco Chemicals, Breweries, Food Industries, Sludge Management, Civil & Infrastructure & MEP Seervices.

EWE has a strong Engineering and R&D base with facilties for Piloting and process development.


EWE Work Culture

Customer & Commitment comes centric to our approach. Ethical business practises is the driving force and makes us work for our customers.


Case Studies:

We have serviced industries from: Textile, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Municipal, Tannery, Dairy, Food & Beverages, Steel, Automotive etc. This is sector specific and shall be uploaded soon. The EWE expertise assist clients striking a balance between Capital and Operating cost.

We work to delight our Customers and want them to be with us. Quality and Commitment comes paramount to us. We are a ISO 9001 Certified Company with systems and Procedures in place.

We have a QAP (Quality assurance Plan) in place to enusre that our Customers get what they set our for. This is specific to each and in produced to the client at the start of the Project.

EWE Infrastructure

We are an intellectual property & services company. People remain to be our most valuable asset. We are an amalgum of PEOPLE + IT Hardware + Softwares + Laboratory + Piloting facility with a lot of Experience. We have our own softwares for process design in Water, Waste Water & Air Pollution Control Systems. Apart from this software available are for Structural Design, Piping Stress Analysis, Transient analysis of surge, Desalination, Pressure Vessel Design etc.

To know more on our Engineering Software for Water, Wate Water & Air Pollution visit us as / These Softwares are on per per use (SAAS) basis. If you wish for a demonstraton do wrie to us at 

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We have worked with EWE Consulting Engineers for a 2.0 MLD & 3.0 MLD STP for UPRNN. It was a pleasure working with them and found their work upright, timely and professional.

Sanjay Srivastava (Director) Pacific Water Solution Pvt Ltd

Working with EWE is a fun filled experience.Their in-depth knowledge on the subject makes complex problems disintegrate and vanish. I love coming back to them as they view matters with a perspective.

Jim Brunnet - Environmental Consultant

Our Clientele

Some of our valuable clients are shown here and are representative in nature. We have serviced more than 100 satisfied clients.

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If you have a query or would like to know on a particular subject matter, write to us at / or discuss it with our functional area expert

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