Letter from CEO

Meet the driving force behind EWE.

Letter from CEO

It is a pleasure introduce this young, energetic aand dynamic company to you. On one hand we say we are young and the other side we bring experience and expertise to the table. I am reminded of a story of the Tortoise and the Hare. We have all heard this since the days we grew up, and the story gave us a moral "Slow & Steady wins the race"

HOLD ON.... the story does'nt end here. The Hare felt guilty and felt that he lost despite his capabilities and decided to challenge the Tortoise once again. This time he was determined and surged past the line and won the race The take away of this part... "Determination & Perseverence can take you places".

Oh! I thought this ended here, HOLD on.... this does'nt end here. The Tortoise decided to hold the battle and thought over a strategy and came up with the counter challenge to regain the shield. They agreed upon the start and the end points and the race started. The Hare ran fast and close to the sight of the end point stumbled upon the river, where he stood thinking how to cross the river while the Tortoise slowly reached the end point and won the race. The take away..."Fight a battle with your strength and on your stronghold"

There are more to take away than the above two. I have found a dozen more as a feedback from my Colleagues, Clients, Associates & Friends. This is where we operate upon. Speed of response and Engineering is our Strengths and we operate in this arena. So if next time you think of Engineering think of us and we would love to assist you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to write to me at vikrum@ewe.co.in

Warm Regards

Vikrum Kishore.
EWE - Energy, Water & Environment

Brief of VIKRUM KISHORE (Director & CEO) : Vikrum Kishore a veteran with 25 years of Experience in the field of Energy & Environment holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Technology and a Masters in Energy & Environment. He is an alumnus of IIT- Delhi and has 3 US patent applications in his favour. He started his career with Thermax Ltd and has worked on international assignments and technologies. Presently he heads EWE Consulting Engineers and has been instrumental is high end sustainable and efficient technologies. His subject of interest is Chemical and Bio-chemical reaction Engineering. Prior to his present assignment, he Co-founded GreyWater - Jaldhara Technoclogies Pvt Ltd., at Mumbai and was later a part of Nexus Venture Partners.

To know more on him visit https://in.linkedin.com/in/vikrumkishore