Current Openings

EWE is hiring. We would love to have you in our Team ....

Current Openings

We are building an environment that offers our people great opportunities to develop their careers. It enables them to be valued for their technical knowledge, client development skills, project management and business management skills. And very importantly it's an environment in which is conducive.

In this part of our website you can get a flavour of what it's like to work for us across the world. You can also search for current vacancies through this interface. We always want to hear from people who have something interesting and dynamic to add to our business.

We are very proud of the culture of our Environment & Energy business. Our people are passionate about what they do. They are innovative and inspiring in solving our client's issues and finding 'new ways' to do things quicker, more effectively, safer and more sustainably for our clients. And they are also sharing and respectful towards colleagues, clients and business associates.

So what do we look for in our people - what makes them right for our team? Critically, a good team will have a diverse mix of personalities and skills. But common stand-out characteristics in our teams will be people who are:

  • Well connected - understand their subject matter and have lots of business contacts to benefit clients and colleagues alike
  • Hugely supportive - a great source of friendship and encouragement
  • Transparent and Focused on the undertaken work
  • Passionate about achieving - able to bring people with them
  • Highly professional with clients - are valued by others and build lasting relationships
  • Make you enjoy coming to work - inspire others, or are simply great people to spend some time in life with
  • Trustworthy - do what they say, on time, on budget, and meet expectations

These are attributes that have made our teams and ultimately our business, a success.

Sounds good? We hope so, and we hope you will be inspired to work for us. In case you do not find an opening for you, have your resume mailed to us at for our future records. Who knows when the opportunity knocks.


Position : Sr Process Engineer (Waste Water)
Location : Noida.
Experience : 4 - 5 years
Qualification: Masters Degree / Bachelor Degree in Environmental / Chemical.
Reporting: Head Technology
Job Description: Be able to appropriately select a scheme and do sizing of unit operations and equipments independenly for waste water including ZLD. Should be willing to face the client with technical answers and solutions.
Date of Hosting : 30.01.2019


Position : Sr Engineer (Electrical)

Location : Noida.Experience : 5 - 8 years

Qualification: Master / Bachelor Degree / Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
Reporting: Head Electrical
Job Description: Be able to size electrical switchgear and check elcrical drawings of Vendors. Knowledge of ETAP / Panel Draw DiaLUX would be an added advantage
Date of Hosting : 10.02.2019


Position : Sr Engineer (Civil Design)

Location : Noida.Experience : 5 - 8 years

Qualification: Master / Bachelor Degree in Civil / Structural Engineering.
Reporting: Head Civil.
Job Description: Be able to Design Water Retaining Structures, Static & Rotating Equipment Foundations and Civil Structures. Knowledge of ETABS would be an added advantage. Equal Opportunuty position and preference would be given to candidates residing within 45 min travel from Noida and having working experience with other consulting companies.
Date of Hosting : 25.04.2019