Analytical Testing

"The first step of any change is measurement. Whatever can be measured can be changed"- Anonymous

In lines with the above operating philosophy EWE Consulting has as in house ISO 9001 certified Laboratory for testing of Water, Waste Water, Sewage, Air, Noise, Chemicals, Fuels, Food & Waste matter.

Analytical Testing

Some of the Equipments available with us to facilitate the Operation are listed Below as under:
  •  Flame Photometer.
  •  UV – VIS Spectrophotometer.
  •  pH – EC – TDS – Temperature meter.
  •  DO meter.
  •  Bacteriological incubator.
  •  COD Digester.
  •  Autoclave.
  •  Atomic Absorption Spectro Photometer.
  •  Hot air oven & Muffle Furnace.
  •  Freezer.
  •  PM 10 & PM 2.5 Apparatus.
  •  High Volume Sampler.
  •  Stack Kit.
  •  Noise meter.
  •  Lux meter.
  •  Electon Microscope.
  •  Laminar Flow.
  •  UV Chamber.
  •  Centrifuge.
  •  Distillation Apparatus ….. To name a few.


We undertake treability studies to optimise on your operating chemicals and help our customers to get more for less.


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